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This page is dedicated to cactus lovers who want to know more about how to grow, care and enjoy of these extraordinary plants and also to see the great personalized cactus products we have: succulents, cactus pots, lamps of cactus, cactus clothing, cactus decoration, cactus earrings and more.

As you know, cacti belong to the succulent family, and they have many shapes, textures and colors so you can choose the perfect one for you. There are long or short cacti, with or without thorns, or even with beautiful flowers. As they are independent and so resistant, they require little care but a lot of love, they are perfect to decorate your garden or your home since they do not need to be so exposed to the sun (remember to take them out for a while every few days anyway).

If there’s a must-know in how to grow your cactus plant is choosing the right pot, given it determines its health. Remember that according to the cactus you choose it will have a different size. There are succulents that do not grow as much so a small cactus pot will be fine but if your cactus is bigger, make sure your cactus pot is deeper so that its roots can expand enough to grow strong and healthy.

Hey! If you want to know more about these beautiful succulent plants, you have come to the right place because here you will have a lot of information to be an expert in cacti. These plants have a great variety of cactus, which in general have the body formed by a stem, and a thickened green structure due to the development of predominant fundamental tissues.


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There are 3 main stem forms: