cactus wallpapers

Do something differents

So you’re tired of painting walls with simple boring colors and you want to style a space with the not so new plant that is trending among millennials, we can’t blame you, the design it brings to a room can be totally fresh and exhilarating. But the best part of it all is being able to place one of these without having to disassemble your entire living or bedroom, covering it in plastic and ending up spoiling with paint the entire floor and other furniture anyways.


We know after watching them you are very likely to buy one, or two instead, but after all we encourage you to put them well on your wall before turning your home style into the house of an unemployed artist.

First of all try to start on the smoothest walls, on the other hand clean all of them before starting to paste them on your walls, also we recommend you to start on corners. If they have some fissures you should fix them by the way, if it isn’t not obvious yet.