How to care a cactus

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your succulent grow strong and healthy, which is why its fertilization and irrigation is vital. Since we know that you are a cactus lover and want to see your succulent bloom, here you will find excellent tips to fertilize your plants so that they grow very fast and give beautiful flowers:


  • Fertilize your succulents in late winter, spring and summer, every 15 days. Keep in mind that each cactus is different, so you will have to do it more often with the bigger ones and less frequently with smaller ones.

  • Make a note of this, irrigation is essential, since from it we will calculate when to fertilize our succulent.

  • If we decide to water our plant often, then we must fertilize our cactus every 7 days.

  • A tip that your cactus will thank you for and highly recommended is to change the first layer of soil (2-3 cm) once a month and add soil rich in nutrients. Thus our succulent will grow and give the most beautiful flowers in our city.

  • ATENTION! Never fertilize our plant without having watered it before, this way we will keep the cactus from absorbing more fertilizer than what it needs.

  • Read carefully the packaging of your fertilizer, do not add more than indicated, since an excess in fertilizers can damage our plant.

  • Finally, keep in mind when fertilizing the temperatures of your city and not the seasons.

Growing our beloved succulents is a daily task, we have to take care of them and protect them continuously, so if you plan to start fertilizing your cactus you must continue until the indicated date.

Fertilizers that you should NOT use for your succulents

  • Compost with high nitrogen content. Although this fertilizer will make your plant grow fast, it will weaken it against common pests. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED AN AMOUNT OF NITROGEN GREATER THAN 15.

  • Slow release fertilizers. They are very invasive so instead of helping the plant to grow it will get burned.

  • Chemical fertilizers. Our succulents have a higher risk of burning their leaves and roots when using this type of fertilizer.