cacti for home

If you’re thinking of reinventing yourself and lighting your life every day, here we have the solution for you, your spaces will be super natural and full of life, for when you implement these tips to decorate your home.

Yes, it is what you are thinking: SUCCULENTS. Not only is it fashionable to have these incredible plants in our home, but they make us feel joyful and also generate the sensation of bigger space for our rooms, as if we were gathered in the garden!


Decorating our home with these beautiful plants is very easy, but keep in mind that they are still plants so they need essential care to remain incredible and colorful. Since we know that you want to give an energy shock to your home, here are some tips that you can implement:

  • Plant or flower wreaths: The more it is filled with plants and buds, the more beautiful it will be, as it will highlight an organic aspect within your home.

  • Bird cage: Put a succulent inside and it will look very nice hanging in your room. Here your cactus will grow very well since it will have very good ventilation.

  • Sea snails: Not only will it be super original, but it will also give your room a beachy look. Tell me if you wouldn’t like to get up and feel closer to the sea. You can add sand instead of clay to the ground, so that your succulent adapts better.

  • Tea cups: They will give a super original look to your home, be creative. Grab a mug that you no longer use and give your succulent a design that reflects your personality.


Decorating a home with succulents is very simple and pleasant since these plants are amazing wherever you put them. There are so many types and shapes: long, low, with thorns, without thorns, cacti with flowers all of spectacular colors and even with leaves. Now get creative and gift a succulent to your friends, you will see that they will not stop thanking you.

cactus decor

Cacti are spectacular plants that have been part of home decoration since the fifties. These plants generate good vibes in the environment, given their organic shape and varied textures which give them a sculptural appearance, they are very easy plants to take care of so nothing happens if you forget to water them for some days. Due to their great family, these succulents have very different shapes and styles so you can combine them with each other and they will be very cool. Dare to make them become part of your life, playing with the sizes, textures and shapes of succulents