cacti ans pots

Cacti according to their region are of different types and shapes, they can be plump and thorny or flat and without thorns, with leaves or with flowers.They are a pretty varied and interesting type of plant to have at home that have learned to survive in the world. If you are a lover of succulents or just want to start growing a plant, I recommend cacti, as they are easy to care for and very resistant.

As we said before, they are a great family of plants, so depending on the succulent you choose, you will have different pots. clay or ceramic pots are great options when choosing the pot for your succulent. Be careful, because if the pot is the wrong size, its roots may rot.

Cacti especially need very small pots. In general, the holes in these pots are not enough to provide good drainage, so you will have to create a few more. When you have already chosen the pot for your succulent, you will have to fill a third of its capacity with the filling material, center the plant and cover the spaces and roots with soil. Finally shake the pot gently so that the soil settles. Now enjoy your new friend!


Types of pots

If you are thinking of having a large cactus to decorate your home and fill your room with nature, you will need a pot that allows its roots to grow inside.These pots have the capacity to contain a large amount of soil and substrate for your plant to grow rich in nutrients.

In addition to ceramic pots that go super well with succulents and clay pots that give a natural touch to your home, you can try cement pots that will bring a modern design, great to decorate your office. Alternatively, you can take advantage of unused wooden boxes that you don’t need to turn them into a pot for your cacti, giving your home a warm and gratifying appearance.